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Start Small, Grow Big

Start investing with as little as $100. Watch your wealth grow.

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Investing is simple! Start investing right away.

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Watch your wealth grow up to 2.5% per day within 24 hours of investing.

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Tell your friends and earn a reward worth 10% of their investment!

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NUI International offers a huge variety of bonuses and prizes.

Why It Works


Nui International Uses Powerful Trading bots

Nui International spent three years developing sophisticated trading bots specifically for the crypto world. A mix of complex algorithms and artificial intelligence enable our bots to predict market movements and deliver high returns.


Seasoned Management

Our powerful technology is managed by a talented team dedicated to your success. We understand crypto. We get trading. We know about trading bots. We put that expertise together to build your wealth. 


Always Be Developing

At Nui International, the development never stops. We want to make more people wealthy with cryptocurrency and we know that the field is constantly developing. Our algorithms are always improving. Our artificial intelligence is always learning. And we’re always talking about crypto.


The Market Is Growing

The crypto market is growing faster than ever because it’s now the smartest way to build wealth. As new investors pour in, we’re able to deepen development, build better bots, and produce even more returns for investors.

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