Nui Social Affiliates,

First and foremost, we are incredibly grateful to be able to rely on your trust in our services. We appreciate your support in promoting them and your commitment to the growth of our company.

Your efforts will always be rewarded with our commitment to offer an increasingly transparent, solid, and legally compliant business.

Thus, we present this announcement that as of 02/27/2020 we will have a new service contract, in which will bring all our customers more security and clarification of contractual terms and conditions.

We want to make it very clear that all contracts signed before 02/26/2020 will be fully honored, exactly as they were contracted, and that there will be no additional fees or charges. For new contracts signed as of 02/27/2020, here are their rules:

1) The new contract’s objective is the custody of cryptocurrencies, exactly as we already have it. Contracts are exclusively made in BTC (bitcoin) and these will be kept in our wallets, which will always have their total amount insured.

2) The contract will be valid for 12 (twelve) months.

3) Related services, such as arbitrage and exchange of cryptocurrencies, will be offered to custody of cryptocurrencies, whose return obtained on business days will be made available to our customers in their Virtual Office, being released for withdrawal requests on Tuesdays, exactly as it happens today.

4) Our clients’ Virtual Office will be credited exclusively with their results on the operations carried out with the cryptocurrencies in custody, no longer part of the contract, that is, part of the amount in custody.

5) At the end of the contract, that is, at the end of 12 (twelve) months, 80% (eighty percent) of the amount under custody will be credited to our customers, since 20%

(twenty percent) refers to the administration fees, with which we pay the bonuses generated when hiring our services.

6) All other fees, such as a $10 (ten dollar) contract fee and a 5% (five percent) withdrawal fee, remain unchanged, but this withdrawal fee will not affect the redemption of capital at the end of the contract.

7) The possibility of termination of the contract by our clients will be made available at any time, with the refund of the amount in custody, and after 9 (nine) months of the contract no additional penalty will be charged. Before this period there will be a penalty that gradually decreases depending on the time elapsed after hiring.

Dear Affiliate, we emphasize that these small adjustments do not change the final result that will be obtained with our contracts, however they make a big difference in the clarity of our operations and in the reliability that we always show in the market.

Now the contracts will not generate results for only 200 (two hundred) working days, which corresponds to approximately 9.5 (nine and a half) months, but will generate results for 12 (twelve) months, approximately 250 (two hundred and fifty) working days, which can even improve the final return, as this extra contract period may offset the administrative fee of 20% (twenty percent).

For those who develop a network, it gets even better, since they start receiving our residual bonus, Matching Bonus, for a longer period and which is now DYNAMIC, that is, the percentage of 2.5% (two and a half percent) will increase as your career plan title increases, reaching an incredible 10% (ten percent).

For all other bonuses, this contractual adjustment does not generate any influence, so there will be no change in its rules.

But there is great news for all those who develop a network when it comes to contract renewal. Now the ceiling for renewal is 400% (four hundred percent) of the value of your service contract, but when that ceiling is reached, you will be credited with 80% (eighty percent) of the value of your contract, so it gets much more easy to renew, no one will run the risk of not having capital for renewal and losing the bonuses that will be generated.

We are happy and excited about the future, because we know that, with your strength and dedication, associated with our ability to fulfill the contracts we signed, we will have a solid partnership with many fruitful years to come.

Kind regards.


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