On Feb 25th, Nui International announced some big changes to contracts. You can read the full announcement here.

What do these changes mean to Nui International’s investors and affiliates?

  1. A longer commitment. The contracts previously lasted 200 business days (around ten months). They now last 250 days (around twelve months, or one year). This longer contract is an opportunity to earn more profits for longer, but it will mean closing your money for a longer period of time.
  2. Lower daily gains. We’ve found that members are no longer earning gains of around 0.73% (the average for in February 2020). Daily gains are now around 0.22% for low risk contracts to 0.35% for high-risk contracts. 
  3. Get 80% back. At the end of the contract, Nui International will return 80% of the contract. Although the daily gains are lower under the new contract, you will receive almost the full investment back.

So Are the Changes Better or Worse for Members?

Our calculations, based on the daily data we have gathered so far, show that the new contracts may be more profitable, at least for medium and high-risk contracts. See the image below. Profits under the old contracts were around $4,600 for a $10,000 investment. Under the new contracts, potential profits starts at $3,500 for low risk contracts and rise to $6,750 for high-risk contracts. (Keep in mind that these are estimates based on member data. There are no guarantees).

As we have yet to see losses with Nui International, the best choice may be a high-risk contract to maximize profits. The downside is the longer contract but if you can commit your funds for relatively long periods, then the new contracts may even be more profitable than the old ones.

For access to the spreadsheet with these calculations, please contact us.

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