About Nui International

Founded in 2016, Nui International is a US-based blockchain technology company dedicated to helping investors participate in the blockchain revolution and earn with cryptocurrency. It currently has more than 320,000 members in over 130 countries. 

Nui International believes that anyone should be able to profit from investment and has always created products and services that help members generate income and grow their wealth. After developing a successful product to help affiliate marketers generate reliable revenue, Nui International recognized the opportunity offered by the growing blockchain industry and developed an innovative new solution. 


The Mission

Nui International started with a mission to bring change and create global wealth opportunities. It’s dedicated to creating products and delivering services that enable its members to grow, improve, and lead better lives. Nui quickly recognized real change can come from something as simple as having a little more money.


Nui International’s Trading Bot

Nui International uses a unique combination of proprietary trading algorithms supplemented with experienced live traders to spot trends, determine ceilings, and predict floors. Our system has been optimized to give every investment its highest possible returns.

Nui International members earn up to 2.5% of the daily division, Monday through Friday. Trades are valid for 250 business Days or until a 400% return, without recruiting.

The minimum withdrawal is $25 worth of Bitcoins. Be sure to keep your Bitcoin withdrawal address in your Nui dashboard.

Operating Monday through Friday 

Nui International’s system is projected to support a variety of markets, maximizing returns for initial packages. Each business day can produce up to 2.5% R.O.I. Of course, we cannot guarantee a fixed daily profit. The market can go down as well as up. Not every movement can be predicted, and unexpected changes can affect the contract terms.

Due to government regulations, this venture is only available outside the United States.

Structured Team Building Commissions

Structured Team Building consists of a 3×10 matrix made up of three teams and ten levels. The matrix fills from the top (beneath the “Enroller”) to the bottom and alternately from left to right and right to left. Each new recruit unlocks an additional level of your tree, giving you up to ten levels of bonuses.

An additional commission of 10% is awarded when a recruit buys a commercial contract, giving each member the opportunity to earn 1% through Structured Team Building.

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Nui Ranks and Rewards

As members continue to participate and enroll new members, they accumulate points. To achieve a range, the PEN volume requirement must be met within a single 24-hour trading period.

As you rise from Star Rank to Ambassador you can win prizes that include 100 GH free Kala coin mining, travel experiences, cars, and financial rewards!

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Nui International Team

Before you join any company and before you make any investment, it is important to check that the company is in good standing and its management is reputable. Each member of the team behind Nui International has a long record of building successful, innovative businesses:


Darren Olayan

CEO, Appliqate and NUI International

Rodrigo Silva

President of International at Nui Social

Ready to start your path to financial independence?